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My Approach

We all approach our health a little differently based on our lifestyle, belief systems, and individual patterns we live in. My consultation allows a brief meet and greet to see if I resonate with you and what you are hoping to achieve on your journey to overall wellness.


I use a few different modalities to assess based on the individual according to the teaching of Doctor Gerard Gueniot - Author of 'From Natural Medicine To A Medicine Of The Individual'. Dr. Gueniot taught with passion and love working incessantly to evoke truths in health and medicine. He believed that a living being could heal themselves when tapped into "A Vital Force" the healing power of nature. Dr. Gueniot taught to build trust with patients while also walking with them through their illness until they were well. He had great faith that the natural medicine he prescribed would powerfully work in that individual.


I incorporate all my different modalities into your overall wellness plan depending on what we find. My goal is to get to the root of the illness or health ailment, and help to restore not only a foundation of health, but also vitality and balance. My primary goal and interest clinically, is to encourage and cultivate a sense of flow back into the daily life of my clients.

My diverse background and experience highlights my ability to connect with all individuals. I have experienced various walks of life and have a deep passion to improve the everyday lives of people who are seeking vitality. I celebrate difference, demonstrating that I value kindness, and acting with compassion and empathy. I want to encourage my clients towards regeneration and a strengthened state of well being and health. I like the terminology to re-establish an individual's internal terrain rather than get rid of the germ, bacteria, virus, or fungus.


I look forward to connecting and working with you however far I am on this amazing journey of increased vitality and flow!     


Happy Healing,


Marla J. Meneghin

RHN, RCST, BTDP, Rubimed (PSE) Therapist, Sport

& Exercise Nutritionist

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