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Nutrition & Sport Nutrition

I will work with you to evaluate and optimize an individualized dietary patterns and specific nutrient needs consisting of a whole food, lifestyle & supplemental plan.


I will empower you to achieve optimal health through the endorsement of whole, locally grown organic foods, sustainable farming practices; and a non-toxic environment as well as individualized suggestions towards high quality supplementation. 


Many chronic health conditions are related to long term nutritional deficiencies. Nutrition is foundational to health: diet, digestion, and elimination have an impact on and are impacted by other treatments. I will discuss some nutritional science including: food intake, digestion, and absorption, energy transformation & metabolism, aerobic & anaerobic metabolism, macronutrients & micronutrients, water & fluid balance, as well as any special needs. Next I will discuss nutritional practice including: collecting preliminary information, provide an individualized nutrition plan, set up an individualized high quality supplementation plan, set behavioural goals & monitoring, making nutritional adjustments, and provide continuing education & support.

What can a proper nutrition plan help me with?

  • Reverse & Reduce Risks of Developing Chronic Diseases

  • Individualized Nutrition Plans

  • Diet & Fitness (Weightloss)

  • Nutrition & Athletic Performance

  • More Energy

  • Brain & Mood Health

  • Sleep Improvement

  • Improved Gut Health

  • Establishing a Routine

  • Food Journaling & Setting SMART Goals 

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