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Pure Genomic Results

Take your wellness to the next level! Backed by Science and serve as your roadmap to a more informed health and wellness decision. Using innovative technology, I am able to distill your 23andMe or Ancestry DNA results into an optimal nutrition and supplement plan.

I do not provide the 23andMe tests, but if you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to reach out free of charge and we can get your Pure Genomic test results underway.

Once I get the results what happens next?

  1. I will formulate a nutrition and supplement plan that best aligns with your body based on test results.

  2. Some elements of health we may address include:
    • Essential Nutrients for Immune Health​
    • Support for NK Cell Activity & More
    • Boost Th1 Response & More
    • Maintain Cytokine Balance & More 
    • Sleep and Adrenals​
  3. We will have a consultation, where I will walk you through your individualized plan and we can address any concerns you may have.

    • Foundational Micronutrient

    • Antioxidant & Cellular Defence

    • Immune 

    • Metabolic Support

    • Glucose Homeostasis

    • Methylation

What can Pure Genomic Results help me with?

  • Test, Translate & Target SNP's (genetic variations)

  • Concise reports & precise recommendations

  • Recommend products & monitoring methods

Fill out the form below to book your consultation.

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